Mary’s Turkeys and Turducken

by JR Meats on May 5, 2015

The Story of Mary’s Turkeys
Mary’s Free Range Turkeys are raised in the Central Valley on healthy grains and are never given any animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones. Mary’s turkeys are allowed to roam in areas 4 times as large as turkeys raised on commercial ranches, and their high protein vegetarian diet results in a decidedly more flavorful turkey than one typically found in the supermarket.

A Little About Turducken



We make our turkducken in house, using a whole turkey, duck breast, chicken breast, and our house-made sausage and bread stuffing. We first remove the bones from the turkey, and then layer seasoned stuffing between the turkey, duck breast, and the chicken breast in the center of the turkey. The finished turducken is boneless, with bone-in legs and wings attached. You have a choice of either southern style or apple cinnamon sausage for your stuffing.

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Jan Whiteley October 4, 2017 at 12:22 pm

Can we order turkey for thanksgiving? Do you have a chart or prices per pound? Let me know at….love your meats!


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