What is Meant by “Organic Meat”?

by JR Meats on May 12, 2015

People are often confused by all the labels that are applied to the meats they consume. For instance, what exactly is meant by meat labeled as “organic” ?

Organic meat standards are set by the National Organic Program and regulated by the USDA. While the standards are prolific, here are the main requirements of the program:

  • Animals grown for organic meat must be raised on certified organic pastures.
  • The animals must be fed only organic feeds for their entire lives, including only milk with no substitutes until weaned.
  • Drugs, antibiotics and growth hormones are prohibited in every situation,
  • Access to the outdoors is required year-round.
  • Feed must not contain any genetically modified grains, persistent pesticides or chemical fertilizers, animal by-products or antibiotics.
  • Slaughterhouses where organic meat is processed must also be USDA inspected and certified organic.

Material excerpt from “Decoding our Food Supply”, Grit Magazine, December 2014

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