The Ricigliano Ranch

by JR Meats on May 5, 2015

The Ricigliano Ranch

J&R works with local families throughout the county who raise livestock as a sideline and labor of love. The grass-fed steaks we are offering in this newsletter come from the Ricigliano Ranch near York Mountain, where the Ricigliano family raises crossbred Angus cattle, chickens, fruits and vegetables.

The Ricigliano Ranch is the former Templeton Winery, which was originally owned and operated by the Nerelli Family. Seventy-year old fruit trees, planted by the Nerellis, dot the property. The Riciglianos produce beef primarily for their own use and for sharing with family and friends, often trading with local fishermen, bread makers and others.

They occasionally sell steers that are fully finished on grass if they have a few extra. Their cattle graze on forage mix, barley and oats in their pastures; the crops are alternated and the livestock is rotated to maintain the quality of the soil. They also supplement their cattle with hay or grain purchased from Templeton Feed and Grain.

There are hundreds of these families around the county raising homegrown stock, and we’re fortunate to have these local resources to bring you fresh, wholesome, and healthy meats.

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