House-Made Sausages

by JR Meats on May 5, 2015

About Our House-made Sausages:



Hats off to the first person who took the trimmings from their butchered pig, minced them, mixed them with a few herbs and spices, and placed them in casings. Talk about head to tail eating! Our ancestors had to make the most of their livestock and game, as well as preserve their meats. The modern word sausage is derived from the Latin “salsus”, meaning salted. Salt, spices and smoking were all ways to preserve meat in the days before refrigeration.

If you’ve never tasted our house-made sausage you’ve been missing out. Part of the extraordinary taste is in the freshness ~ our sausage is made in-house, mostly from animals raised naturally right here in SLO county. Another reason for our sausage’s great taste: we use only natural ingredients, and never any MSG or nitrates. Our sausage is all hand-made, with recipes we’ve developed over the years and that are exclusive to J&R.

While most of our sausages are made with fresh pork shoulder and pork tri-tip, we also make lamb, beef, buffalo, chicken and venison sausage. The combinations are almost endless. We always have at least a dozen varieties in the cases at both stores, either in bulk or link form. We even take custom orders for blends that include your favorite wine. Among the many sausages we make are customer favorites such as Basil Garlic, Bratwurst, Chorizo, Hawaiian Style, Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar, Southern Style, Cajun Style, Baa Baa Bleu Lamb, Hot Italian and Sweet Italian.

So make your next meal special with our fresh, local, hand-made sausage.

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