High Season at J&R

by JR Meats on May 5, 2015

High Season at J&R:
Although it’s vacation time for many of you, this is the busiest season for meat processing at J&R. In the past weeks we’ve received over 1000 animals from the Mid-State Fair, the Santa Barbara County fair, and from local ranchers and local hunters. We’re hanging as much as 50 tons of meat at a time in our Paso Robles meat lockers. We’re running two shifts of workers each day and we’re butchering, wrapping and boxing hundreds of head per week. Some of these animals go back to the customer for consumption at home, while others are returned to local ranchers for resale at farmer’s markets and other outlets. It’s quite a juggling act to meet all of our customers’ needs, so let us know if we fall short.

And a great many of these fair animals are donated by local auction buyers to our local food banks. These kind folks pay high prices to enterprising 4H and FFA students for their animals at the fair, and then show amazing generosity in gifting this fresh meat to local food banks and families in need. It’s rewarding to be part of this process, providing delicious, carefully butchered and packaged meat to our community.

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